Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reach Your Goals!

When I got pregnant with my first baby, I figured I'd probably never do fitness modeling again. How would I get back into photo shoot shape? How would I have time? Who would want a mom to model for them? You know, all those worries we have as mamas.

Well, I was wrong. It took about a year, but then I was back at it! In fact, my first job was modeling a new swimwear line! Scary, but a success.

Then, I got pregnant with our second baby... and right at the same time, I had signed on with Icon Fitness to develop and host my own workout videos called Fit in 15! Luckily, we were able to shoot them all before my belly showed. Instead of stopping there, we decided to take advantage of the belly... and I created Fit Mommies.

As my belly grew... I started to think my modeling career was really over this time. A tummy stretched out twice and now even more busy with TWO kids...

Flash forward two WEEKS after having Joyah... yes, two WEEKS later, I got my first job after baby 2. I couldn't beleive it! I certainly wasn't in tip-top shape, but I had managed to lose most of the pregnancy weight (since I worked out and ate healthy the entire pregnancy, I only gained 17lbs). 

Here's my favorite shot... Luckily no sports bras were involved haha!

Baby girl came with me!

A few months ago my family got the opportunity to do a shoot together for the new iFit Sleep sensor. It was a blast! It was Tilman's first paid gig! He did amazing!

Last week I did a super fun shoot for ProForm! I finally felt almost back to the old me. My tummy is still not right where I want it, but it felt good to be back at it AND even in a sports bra! Yikes! haha! Here's my favorite shot! (notice it's not a sports bra one, lol... we are so hard on ourselves aren't we?)

So, why am I sharing this? Well, I know that as moms, we tend to lose ourselves. We focus all of our time and attention on the kids. We skip workouts, ditch the makeup, eat scraps that the kids leave behind (3 goldfish, 1/4th banana, 1 carrot & whatever that crumb was on the floor ;-)... that counts as lunch right?) Being a parent is so self-less... but it's also a huge motivator to be in the best shape that you can be! Set good examples for your kids by working out, making healthy meals and practicing self-control and discipline.

You can absolutely lose the baby weight! You can still take time to make yourself and your family a balanced meal, you can even put on a dab of masacra! I've found that balance is the KEY... and that's why I'm sharing my 15 minute workouts with you all (follow me FITELYSE on Instagram)... we all can manage 15 minutes! You deserve 15 minutes to focus on you, get back into shape and accomplish things you didn't think you'd ever do again! 

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