Thursday, December 17, 2015

4 Ingredient Chicken Chili

Green chili chicken, yum... that sounded so good, so I set off to make it. It was going to be simple -just chicken and green salsa with a little salt and pepper. My plan was to use it in bowls with romaine, black beans and avocado... but my plan changed after I added WAY too much salt ... oops!! I didn't realize how salty the salsa was and I poured too much PLUS I added salt before tasting...yuck!

My concoction was in the crockpot, cooked and ready, but not good at all... I needed to call in some reinforcements!!! First, I added a can of low sodium black beans. That ought to do it, right? NOPE... still too yuck (as my son would say). I scavenged through the cupboard looking for a way to save this dinner and I FOUND IT... barley!!! It's bland, not salty at all and super nutritious. As I poured the grains into my crockpot, I hoped it would work... I hoped they'd soak up the flavor, balance out the salt and add a yummy texture - they did just that!! I think this is one of my favorite chilis yet (ok, I say that a lot but it was amazing! WAS...meaning, we ate it all. ;-))

Here's the recipe

What you need:
1LB chicken breast
1 can low sodium black beans
1/2-3/4C green salsa (I used Trader Joe's)
1/2C barley
1 1/4C water

How to:
Cook chicken in crockpot on medium for 2-3 hours or until cooked through. Pull out and shred. Place back into slow cooker with all other ingredients and turn to low. Let chili hang out for at least an hour but can go several hours before eating.

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